Not business as usual

The need for quality journalism is growing, as societies become more complex and their citizens more empowered. Yet, journalism is struggling to sustain itself financially. When newsrooms are under-resourced, they fail to cover important stories and become vulnerable to commercial influences, compromising the media’s ability to serve the public interest.

Disruptions to the traditional model of news production are not just a threat. They also present opportunities for professional journalists to shape new forms of independent media.How can they make the most of available technologies, get the best out of citizen reporters, and explore secondary revenue streams that don’t compromise professional values? Are there best practices that can be shared and cutting-edge ideas waiting to be piloted?

Media Crossroads: Pathways to Sustainable Independent Journalism was a seminar held in Singapore on 15-16 May 2014. It explored these questions with the help of experts who have been following major trends and leading practitioners who are in the midst of managing innovative media projects.

The seminar was part of the Temasek Foundation Asia Journalism Forum series, an offshoot of the TF-NTU Asia Journalism Fellowship programme.

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